Ultimate Guide to Content Curation: Getting Started, Tools, Workflow

Monday, October 2, 2017

Ultimate Guide to Content Curation

Every professional should follow their space, right? That used to mean reading articles, going to seminars and talking with right people. You still do that. However as more and more content is now online, it also means reading blog posts and ebooks, watching videos and webinars, listening podcasts and following influencers on social media.

Sharing good stuff used to be difficult, however it is now often just one or two click away. You can share online content by clicking that Share-button and offline, or real life as some call it, it can often be shared with two:  take a photo with first click and share it with second.

Collecting and sharing content is called Content Curation

The process of collecting and sharing information is called Content Curation.

Content Curation may sounds like an advanced tactic best left for marketers and social media specialists. Not so. It is for everyone.

Marketers and social media specialists are experts in their field, and if that's not your...

Never send marketing mails from your inbox. This is why!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Someone just mailed me their entire customer list. And not just me, but all others on their list. What a embarrassing and expensive mistake!

Unfortunately accidents like this are still far too common. I regularly get sent customer lists. These lists does not come as an attachment. However you can read, and copy if you wish, all other recipients from either To or Cc-field of the email itself. Someone has again used regular email instead of marketing email software for the job.

In this post I'll tell you how to do it, if you absolutely need to do it, and why you should never send email campaigns, not even invitations to your event, from your regular email client program, such as Outlook, Gmail, Apple Mail etc.

How to send marketing emails with Outlook, Gmail, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, IMP and more for free

Yes, you can send marketing emails using any normal email client. And it's totally free. And it's super easy. Just like sending regular email. With one important twist.

  1. Create...

New features Spring 2017

Monday, June 5, 2017

It’s been amazing spring here at Loyalistic: Moved to new HQ, many new clients, partners, integrations and most of all, lots of new or improved features.. However we haven’t really communicated any of this out to you (or anybody). Not the best communication strategy, huh?

Anyway, let’s fix that with this blog post. Here are the highlights:

Improved email targeting: You can now also exclude contacts (instructions here) from your mailing to e.g. send reminder to those who haven’t...

How I got 5000 Twitter Followers, and you can get too

Friday, March 3, 2017

How I got 5000 Twitter Followers

As a content marketer and social seller, Twitter is an important way for me to promote our content, build network and get leads, especially find new partners for my company, Loyalistic.

5000 twitter followers

In this article, I’ll tell you the exact methods I have used to build my following to a healthy figure of 5000 highly relevant followers, and there is nothing you cannot use to achieve the same.

What is the value of a follower?

Now there are plenty of tips how to get more followers, and some sell them as a service for few bucks. You might have already been followed by several such Twitter accounts.  So you might wonder why sweat when you can buy thousands with a tenner or aim for 10 000 or 50 000 as easily as for 5 000.

A follower from your target group or a very influential person might be worth big money. However a follower who cannot be a customer or does not influence those who can be, is worth nothing. Use effort to acquire followers who can provide value.

But having the right followers is...

What is the best way to start inbound marketing and succeed?

Thursday, November 24, 2016

I have recently trained and workshopped hundreds of businesses, and speak to thousands at different events about inbound, and one question keep popping up in various formats: “What is the best way to start inbound marketing, sales or lead generation operation and succeed?”

Every business is different, so instead of giving ‘one size’ answer that doesn’t fit anyone, I’ll give you few advices and approaches that have worked well for our clients who tend to be smaller, b2b professional services...

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