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Don’t follow Best Practices, and other things 30 Finns learned at SaaStock 2017

Monday, October 9, 2017

What 30 Finns learned at SaaStock 2017

Three weeks ago I led a group of Finnish SaaS entrepreneurs to SaaStock 2017 in Dublin, Ireland, the leading B2B SaaS event in Europe. If you were there, we were the ones wearing white hoodies with Software from Finland logo on the back. In social media people called us the Finnish SaaS Mafia or Finnvasion.


Video of the trip

Finnish SaaS Mafia

Finnish SaaS Mafia. Photo by SaaStock.

As a godfather of this mob it is my duty to summarize our findings. Instead of going through all the things we learned, I’ll concentrate on what I believe are the most important findings.

Other Finns have also blogged about their takeaways: Markko Vaarnas from Takeoff Partners and Edward Ford from AdvanceB2B.

Why did we go?

Finns love associations, and our software industry is organized under Finnish Software Entrepreneurs Association with over 700 CEOs and...

Ultimate Guide to Content Curation: Getting Started, Tools, Workflow

Monday, October 2, 2017

Ultimate Guide to Content Curation

Every professional should follow their space, right? That used to mean reading articles, going to seminars and talking with right people. You still do that. However as more and more content is now online, it also means reading blog posts and ebooks, watching videos and webinars, listening podcasts and following influencers on social media.

Sharing good stuff used to be difficult, however it is now often just one or two click away. You can share online content by clicking that Share-button and offline, or real life as some call it, it can often be shared with two:  take a photo with first click and share it with second.

Collecting and sharing content is called Content Curation

The process of collecting and sharing information is called Content Curation.

Content Curation may sounds like an advanced tactic best left for marketers and social media specialists. Not so. It is for everyone.

Marketers and social media specialists are experts in their field, and if that's not your...