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Location, Location, Location... NO!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Location, Location, Location..png

Location used to be the defining success factor in retail, and in many other businesses. Yes, even in most B2B. Location as a constraint has shaped industries during the last century and protected local business from competition. However, the internet and other technology innovations have eroded location’s meaning. In many businesses, the game is shaped like it is, not because location is still shaping it, but because it had previously shaped the game that way.

Let’s investigate... 

Location (delivery) 

Products and services need to be delivered in order to be consumed. Delivery used to be expensive, so most businesses were close to their customers. Since customers are scattered across countries and cities, businesses had to open premises, offices, warehouses, shops and delivery centers where they wanted to do business. Expansion was slow and expensive, especially across country borders. This protected local businesses from competition. It was cheaper to deliver to shops and let...