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Why we cut our phone lines and voted for unavailability.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014



Today we terminated our PBX and phone line contracts. You won't find our phone number from directories, or even from our web site. We don't have one.

"Make people available wherever they are" have been touted by teleoperator sales. And companies have invested to latest and greatest availability solutions. We included.

At the same time, many corporate citizens choose the go opposite direction: be unavailable.

Everyone who makes purchase decisions, or can be seen as one, spends too much time fencing off telesales like a cow flies. Every sales call is a interruption that distrupts you from achieving what you should be achieving.

We tend to tolerate such an interruption, as you never know who might call. A new customer, we may hope.

But we have never experienced such a miracle.

Instead we receive many sales calls every day. Selling this or that. From here, India, UK, US, wherever... Some talented, some not so. Relevant, hardly never. And if I am not available, they call our...