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Let’s talk about what you should talk about: The Essential B2B Content and Social Media Strategy

Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Let’s talk about what you should talk about to get noticed if you are in B2B, ergo, where the unfulfilled content demand is.

This applies to all media you might be using or considering: blogs, social media including LinkedIn, video, speaking engagements, webinars, ebooks, newsletters, books, and more.

This opportunity will be the core of your content or social media strategy.

So let's get going.

Attention is the scarcest resource in modern times.

The world is full of content (blog posts, videos, social media posts), and more is produced every day. It gets harder to get attention every day.

However, for the last 10 years, the same opportunity has remained, and will likely remain. It's huge and remains to be huge.

Following Simon Sinek’s Why—How—What framework, which he explains in his book Start with Why, we could categorize content into three main categories, which I will cover in reverse order of importance. This categorization applies to most content.

What-content: what you do, how great you are, what your product is

You are most likely talking, writing, and posting about what. That is, what you do, what your company does, and what your product does.

I call these “me/we-content.” You talk about yourself.

People and companies like to talk about themselves, yet few like to listen. Supply exceeds demand by a factor of 100.

Check your LinkedIn feed: mostly me/we content. Check the average corporate blog: mostly me/we content.

6 Reasons Why Finnish SaaS Companies Fail to Get Success They Deserve

Friday, March 15, 2024

Finnish #SaaS companies have great solutions and potential, yet many take ages to reach 1 M ARR and another age to find a scalable growth model to reach the success they deserve. Here is why.

Having helped dozens of them in various roles, interviewed 60+ SaaS entrepreneurs in my Menestystä Etsimässä #podcast, and hosted 100+ events for SaaS Finland, a club of Software Finland ry, over the years, there seems to be a clear pattern that leads to slow success.

When it takes 8 to 15 years or more to reach 1-3 M ARR, the size required for the next major push towards 10 M and beyond, the founders are often tired of grinding, ending up selling the company too early, never reaching its full potential.

This is a huge problem for Finland and founders alike.

The IT industry is Finland's fourth-largest export sector and fastest growing, while SaaS is the strongest grower within the sector. We are now building great SaaS products for foreign buyers to cash in on.

The long shaft in our hockey sticks means it takes ages to reach the blade, the high growth phase. This is bad for all parties, from investors and founders to employees and society. The quicker we/you could grow our/your SaaS company, the bigger and more successful it would become, allowing it to grow by acquiring, bringing bigger payoffs earlier (exits/IPOs/dividends), enabling investors and founders to invest in new starts, and freeing up experienced growth specialists to take another company from one level to another.

#1. Starting from Finland. The small home market means no niche is big enough, so one has to broaden the targeting, which leads to losing focus. So most are targeting too many segments, in too many price points, through various channels without properly making it in any. Finding the focus again when going abroad takes ages.

Yet, starting from Finland is easy; thus, everybody is doing it.