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The Company Blog Success Formula, what makes or breaks your company blog, and how to achieve success

Monday, December 21, 2015


Blog launched, not much happening: Welcome the after launch hangover!

You set up your blog, wrote the first blog post(s), and sweated to create that e-book to catch leads. You launched your blog. And waited actively for leads to pour in. Yet nothing much happened.

Now you, your team and especially your boss are questioning whether this was such a good idea after all.

Welcome the after launch hangover!

Opening the doors to your blog is an important step. You have proved that you and your team can create content. Congratulations! You are ready to the next phase: Creating success.

Success just don’t happen. It seldom happens with just great content. It has to be made. You have to make it. And luckily there is a formula for success.

How successful your company’s blog will be is determined by essentially five success factors: assets, volume, greatness, fit and promotion.

Let’s introduce The Company Blog Success Formula:


Assets x Volume x Greatness x Fit x Promotion = Success

Assets: Successful blogging builds assets that help you succeed better as you go along like email subscribers, social media followers, blog post archive and backlinks. The more assets you have, the...