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Publish and Promote your ebook for leads the right way

Friday, October 30, 2015


In this guide, I will explain how to publish and promote your first ebook successfully. I assume you already have an ebook as a ready-to-share PDF-document or at least a edited copy just needing final designing.

1. Reality check: Is your ebook ready to publish?


It’s always good to start with final quality assurance. You don’t want to end up sending updated ebook later on to your new leads, or feel embarrassed by rookie mistakes.

If you have written the copy yourself, I suggest you take few days of distance with your piece before putting a publisher’s hat on. It’s easier to be critical that way.

  • Are the title and content aligned? Does the ebook contain what it says on the tin?
  • Is the story flowing smoothly and consistently? No unnecessary repetition? No wide gaps in the reasoning? All terms opened up when first used?
  • Are the tone and style correct for your business and audience?
  • Is the level of text appropriate for the target audience?...

Loyal customers are wife or husband material

Friday, October 23, 2015

Customer Acquisition is easy if you only count the initial sale. Think dating. Finding one night stands is easy. But getting someone who has wife or husband potential is difficult. Same goes with loyal customers. They are likely to commit for life, so they do not enter one-night-stands or try new vendors easily. And think how you would progress with a future wife or husband? Obviously slowly. And one-night-stand? Quickly. Now you got it, right? Track customer lifetime value and optimize your acquisition efforts against that, not just initial conversion.


Offers and discounts attract price sensitives

When you acquire customers with offers and discounts, what kind of customers are you likely to get? Price sensitive ones. People and companies who value big discounts and special offers. Customers who are more attracted by the saving itself rather than the actual product.

What are your changes to upsell or build long time relationship with someone who is always looking for a better...