Road to blogging success is a paved with constant small improvements (Kaizen)

Friday, January 29, 2016

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The road to success in a new area is always long. And building content marketing capabilities takes time.

Japanese who invented Lean Manufacturing call this Kaizen, continuous improvement. If you are not driven by small improvements, your game is sure to get bit more rusty every day.

Here is a picture I took from a startup’s wall that shows what this all means:

Kaizen is continuous improvement

If you can improve your game 1% every day, you end up upping your game by 3780% in a year (if you are a startup founder working 365 days a year). And if you are taking it easy your game is getting weaker and you end up close to zero in a year.

Take easy things to decent level, then eliminate the missing links

You know the proverb that chain is as strong as it’s weakest link. The same applies here. But your chain is weak in so many places when you have just started business blogging. There is so many things to learn and master that you and your team are easily really confused running around doing this and that, but not really making progress.

You can easily spend couple of meetings just to think you image policy and then end up throwing all the effort to bin as too difficult to implement (as we did). As you have about 100 areas that needs to be planned, build and mastered you just cannot try to achieve master level on each right away. It’s not possible for Content Marketing Gurus, and it’s not possible for you either.

So the first goal is to get everything to a decent level. And to get there, first concentrate on those that are easy to get there. Things that you feel confident, things you master already, things that are easy or quick to do…

That does not usually take long.

Then you have a thin chain with couple of missing links. Now you can put all efforts those few, one at the time.

You probably miss some skills, policies, plans so you are confused of how to tackle them. But you have only one, two or three small links to build. With focus on one at the time, it doesn’t take long to add those links to your chain, to finish your success formula.

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Antti Pietilä

Written by Antti Pietilä

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