Welcome to How To Be Loyalistic

Monday, January 16, 2012
Welcome to  How To Be Loyalisticblog,

This blog is about customers, customer loyalty and how to be a customer loyalty leader. It's about being passionate about creating and delivering great products and service to customers. And in the process create large fan base of loyal customers.

I have been writing on the subject for 5 years in my Finnish blog, Asiakasuskollisuusjohtaja (Customer Loyalty Leader). I started blogging 1/22/2007 and 141 post later it's going strong.

I have been working on the subject even longer. My company, Loyalistic Ltd, has been on the subject for 16 years now. The first 14 years we consulted and build custom web software solutions for our clients. The last year or two we have spend on packaging our best solutions as Software as a Service-products, or cloud software. Whichever feels more natural to you.

There are couple of reasons for "sudden" need to blog in English. Finnish market is small with 5,4 million people. It's small for us at Loyalistic. We actually sell more to other countries than Finland. And even many Finns do search and read in English. So the question of language have been in the air for couple of years already.

So welcome to  How To Be Loyalistic. I hope you find valuable insights and information. Feel free to participate in conversation and if you have anything on your mind, do drop a line at @anttipietila.