New features Spring 2017

Monday, June 5, 2017

It’s been amazing spring here at Loyalistic: Moved to new HQ, many new clients, partners, integrations and most of all, lots of new or improved features.. However we haven’t really communicated any of this out to you (or anybody). Not the best communication strategy, huh?

Anyway, let’s fix that with this blog post. Here are the highlights:

Improved email targeting: You can now also exclude contacts (instructions here) from your mailing to e.g. send reminder to those who haven’t downloaded/registered yet.

Renewed Nurture Programs: Nurture programs have been completely rewritten to make them personalisable, trackable, reusable and allow recipient to unsubscribe from that program (instructions here). Your existing programs are not automatically upgraded.

UTM-autocoding: Links on emails are now automatically UTM-coded if you haven’t done so manually. UTM-codes are generally used on web analytics tools such as Google Analytics to improve analytics and separate traffic sources.

Unsubscribe and marketing ban lists: Recipients can now unsubscribe from a mailing, that is from any lists used sending that email, or from a nurture program. Unsubscribe all, that is ‘marketing ban’, is now clearly secondary option which should lower ‘unsubscribe all’ -rate. Marketing ban list can now be imported or exported.

Blog translation through Transfluent Integration: If you are acquiring leads from foreign markets, this integration makes your life so much easier. Transfluent, a Finnish, yet global online translation agency, translates your blog posts professionally in just a few clicks, hours, and dimes. You need to setup a foreign language target blog first at Loyalistic to see Translate-button.

Pipedrive Integration: Pipedrive is one of the most popular CRM among our clients, and with this integration you can easily send qualified leads to Pipedrive Deals, and retrieve Pipedrive contacts to your Loyalistic lists (instructions here).

Planmill Integration: Planmill is popular professional service business ERP & CRM, and we integrate nicely with Planmill as well (instructions here).

Email delivery problems? The reason is often misconfigured SPF-record on your domain name service (nameserver, DNS). We have build a tool to check your configuration. You can find it  at Settings > Domains & URLs.

We update Loyalistic weekly. For a full list of updates, you can always go to Settings > About.