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Rich blogger, poor blogger: How to build your audience and content assets for success (Assets)

Thursday, January 7, 2016

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This is the second post on The Company Blogging Success Formula Series. In the first post, we covered the formula itself. In this post we tackle the first factor: Assets.

Blogging to promote your business is not an equal ground. Some companies are more equal than others performing much better with less effort. That’s because they have something you don’t have. They have more assets: audience and content.

For a blog, traffic is vital. Without traffic, nobody reads your content, and no success can happen. 

Traffic does not happen to a new blog post magically. It happens because you have an audience to whom to promote it e.g. email subscribers and social media followers. And it happens because your previous content is driving you traffic from Google, backlinks from other sites, and that...

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